Portal of Research Units

at the "Dunărea de Jos" University of Galati

The Research Units (UC) (Institutes, Research Centers, Laboratory) within "Dunărea de Jos" University of Galati (UDJG) carry out research, development and innovation (RDI) activities and academic creation in fundamental areas recognized at national level aiming at developing fundamental and applied research, in line with the University's Research-Development-Innovation Strategy (RDI) 2016 - 2020, and consistent with the  national and international RDI strategies.

The 34 accredited UCs at institutional level have high performance infrastructure and human resources, correlated with the particulars of the Smart Intelligence Fields for the 2014-2020 Strategic Cycle identified on the basis of their scientific and commercial potential, in line with the medium- and long term development strategy of the University.

In accordance with the results, the mission and the strategy, as well as their involvement in the promotion of RDI activity under UDJG at regional, national and international level, the UCs are hierarchized as follows:

  • UC of excellence performing scientifically relevant multi-, inter- or transdisciplinary CDI activities and knowledge transfer to society (link), and which are encouraged to join the Integrated interdisciplinary, competitive research platform - Lower Danube (ReForm-UDJG)
  • UC with predominantly academic impact:
    • a complex type (performing interdisciplinary activities, including several fields and specializations);
    • a type of intelligent specialization (conducting subject-focused activities, including a domain / specialization).

Both categories can adhere to excellence research structures, along with other similar units, to be involved  in multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary research while preserving their academic structure and autonomy.

The UC visibility representative in UDJG is also assured by the Engage Platform in the Romanian Research Infrastructures System (ERRIS) https://erris.gov.ro/UNIVERSITATEA-DUNAREA-DE-JOS