ENGINEERING SCIENCE Integrated Center for Research, Expertise and Technological Transfer in Food Industry (BioAliment-TehnIA) Romanian Center for Modelling Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (MORAS) European Center of Excellence for the Environment (ECEE) Center of Excellence in Polymer Processing (CE-PP) Competences Center: Interfaces-Tribocorrosion and Electrochemical Systems (CC-ITES) Naval Architecture Research Center (CCAN) Materials and Environmental Quality (CMM) Center of Nanostructures and Functional Materials (CNMF) Integrated Energy Conversion Systems and Advanced Control of Complex Processes (SICECAPC) Mechanics and Tribology of Superficial Strata (MTSS) Centre of Scientific Research on Machines and Thermal Equipment and Environmental Engineering in Energetics (METIME) Research Center in Manufacturing Engineering Technology (ITCM) Center for Advanced Researches in Welding (SUDAV) Research and Consultancy Center in Agronomy and Environment - "Lunca” (CCCAM Lunca) Research Center for Mechanics of Machines and Technological Equipments (MECMET) Electronics, Information Technology and Communications Research Center (CCETIC) Process Control Systems (SCAP) Intelligent Systems and Information Technology (SITI) Research and Development Center for Sturgeon, Aquatic Habitats and Biodiversity (CCDSHAB) Research and Development Center for Themroset Matrix Composites (CCDCOMT) MATHEMATICS AND NATURAL SCIENCES Infrastructure for Environmental Interdisciplinary Research in Lower Danube Euroregion (INPOLDE) The Modelling and Simulation Laboratory (SMlab) HUMANITIES AND ARTS Research Center "Discourse Theory and Practice" (CCTPD) The Interdisciplinary Center of Central and South-Eastern European Cultural Studies (CISCLE) Interface Research of the Original and Translated Text (LITCIT) Intercultural Communication and Literature (CIL) East-European Historical and Social-Cultural Studies Center (CSISCEE) Interdisciplinary Center for Artistic Studies (CISA) "Sf. Trei Ierarhi" Interdisciplinary Orthodox Theological Research Center (CCTOI) SOCIAL SCIENCES Cross-border Institute of International Studies and Criminal Justice Sciences (ITSIJP) Development Strategies for Economic Competitive Systems (STRATEC) European Documentation Center and Analysis for Management and Marketing in Industry and Agriculture (CDEAMIA) Interdisciplinary Research in Education Center (CCIEd) SPORT SCIENCE AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Human Performance Research Center (CCPPU)