Research Center for Mechanics of Machines and Technological Equipments (MECMET)

The Research Center for Mechanics of Machines and Technological Equipment (MECMET) was founded as a separate unit designated to the scientific research, within the Engineering Sciences and Management Department of the Engineering and Agronomy Faculty of Brăila of „Dunărea de Jos” University of Galati. MECMET Center was accredited in 2004 by the National Council of Scientifically Research in Higher Education. The main activity of the Center deals with interdisciplinary research starting from the basic area of mechanics to the related domains, such as technological equipment, acoustics and vibration, hydraulics, computational engineering, dynamic, diagnosis and health monitoring and virtual instrumentation. The connection between the RDI activity of the MECMET Center and the intelligent specialization domains for the 2014-2020 strategic cycle is sustained by the correlations, both of, the strategy and the research themes, with the specific directions as follows: energy, environment and climatic changes, respectively eco-nano-technologies and advanced materials.