Interface Research of the Original and Translated Text (LITCIT)

The LITCIT Research Center, “Interface Research of Source and Target Text. Cognitive and Communication Dimension of the Message” has been a part of the English Department of the Faculty of Letters within “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galaţi since 2004, as a result of the Senate’s Decision No. 57/28.01.2004. It was certified by the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education (NCSRHE) on May 11, 2004. The center hosts all tenured and associated teaching staff as well as former PhD students who have as a theoretical and applicative field of research English literature, culture and linguistics from the perspective of translation studies.

The main objective of the Center is to accomplish constant and specific research materialized in publishing books, chapters in books, acknowledged and indexed articles in international data bases as well as in participating in numerous international conferences. The research center aims at organising, completing, adjusting and illustrating information from specialized literature considering the status of terminology as a science and a research topic. Thus, our objectives concern the opposition between word and term, terminological normalization, highlighting and addressing it in translation, with the purpose of teaching students to create terminological data bases using different methods and ways to store data. Together with the students from the MA programme Translating and Interpreting, the Center will issue a number of small bilingual terminological dictionaries (English-Romanian, Romanian-English) from different fields, based on the research done within courses and seminars.