Competences Center: Interfaces-Tribocorrosion and Electrochemical Systems (CC-ITES)

Competences (Research) Center - Tribocorrosion and Electrochemical Systems (CC-ITES) is a multidisciplinary center, institutionalized within the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering and Industry Security. The CC-ITES Center conducts multidisciplinary, fundamental and applied research activities both at national and international level in the fields of advanced materials science and engineering, biomaterials and nanomaterials. The CC-ITES Center's motto is: Linking Science and Engineering of Advanced Materials with Medicine, Health, and the Environment; Turn the Material Degradation Processes to Their Protection, Protection of Human Lives and the Environment Protection. The 2014-2020 research activities target, as a priority, the domains of eco-nanotechnologies and advanced materials.