Research Center in Manufacturing Engineering Technology (ITCM)

The ITCM Center was established in 2004, in the Manufacturing Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering in „Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați, Romania. Research, Development and Innovation activities (RDI) within the ITCM Center are carried out in the fields of Engineering/Industry Science - Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Industrial Engineering and Management; in correspondence with priority areas of intelligent specialization in the 2014-2020 cycle, Eco-Nano-Technology and Advanced Materials, Information and Communication Technologies, Space and Security. The center was accredited at national level in 2004, based on the Recognition Certificate No. 10/CC-B of 11V-2004 issued by C.N.C.S.I.S.

The RDI activities are carried out in the fundamental field of ENGINEERING SCIENCES, correlated to the field of intelligent specialization, as follows:

  • Identifying and solving real problems in the Romanian industry in order to develop and comply with the EU norms on manufacturing and mechanical processes;
  • Providing expertise in the field of manufacturing, production systems and quality assurance in the industrial domain;
  • Creating and implementing new technologies and products useful to a modern society;
  • Developing partnerships with research centers of excellence in Europe, USA and Japan.