The Interdisciplinary Center of Central and South-Eastern European Cultural Studies (CISCLE)

CISCLE is a top interdisciplinary academic research structure, without legal personality. The organization and activity of CISCLE relies on teams of interdisciplinary research made up of academics, researchers, and post-doctoral researchers in the "Dunărea de Jos" University of Galați (DJUG) as well as institutional partners. The research activities take place on the basis of the cooperation agreements among the DJUG research or administrative structures, of the agreements/partnerships signed with Institutes or research structures of the Romanian Academy, as well as based on the cooperation with other institutes/centres/institutions for research and education in Romania and abroad, with activities in the field. The number of permanent members is 8. The research activities conducted within CISCLE belong to the field of Philology and Humanities, as well as to the field of university studies correlated with the economic sectors showing growth potential in Romania - Communication sciences, Cultural studies.