Integrated Center for Research, Expertise and Technological Transfer in Food Industry (BioAliment-TehnIA)

The following departments are organized and operate within the BioAliment-Tehnia Center:

1. The Department for Fundamental Research and Development of Educational Programs - Integrated Research and Training Center for Biotechnology Applied in the Food Industry (BioAliment Platform) (, includes the following laboratories:

  1. Cultures and fermentations
  2. Molecular separations
  3. Genetic engineering
  4. Bioprocessing
  5. Biological wastewater treatments
  6. Collection of microorganisms with the acronym MIUG (preservation, storage and gestion)

2. The Department for Technological - Applied Research and Technological Transfer (TechnlA) (, includes the following pilot stations and laboratories:

  1. Pilot plant for meat processing
  2. Pilot station for dairy products
  3. Pilot station for brewing
  4. Emerging technologies laboratory
  5. Technological laboratory

3. The Department for Technical Expertise, Food Control and Food Safety (LAFCMA) ( includes the following laboratories:

  1. Physico-chemical analysis
  2. Microbiological analyzes
  3. Instrumental analyzes